Thursday, February 9, 2017

Visitors and Winter Weather

One of my little brothers Zack, and our cousin John, came to visit and snowboard. But the weather has everything shut down here. Including most roads and the ski resort. So instead they are helping me shovel snow, relaxing, and eating good food. They are a great work crew!

We have over 400 inches of snow this winter and now rain for two days and nights. (It's still snowing in the mountains.) Most major roads are avalanched closed, power is out to thousands of people, several roofs have caved in, schools are having a second snow day this year after more than twenty years with out one, and even in this town that is normally prepared for huge winters, it's pretty much chaos. Snow removal equipment that has been running non stop all winter is breaking down, and no one can keep up.

We are safe and warm and cozy in my tiny house. With plenty of warmth and power thanks to being off grid. And lots of good food thanks to a well stocked pantry.

All that you can see of my house when you pull in the drive now.

My neighbor working day and night to keep several household open, including mine. I'm very thankful for him! And a few links to local news if you are interested....

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