Saturday, February 4, 2017

And It's Still Getting Deeper!

We've actually had at least another foot of snow in the last two days, since any of these photos were taken. And the forecast is calling for a few more feet over the next week. 

I'm loving my new handmade custom kamiks which are doing a better job of keeping my feet warm than anything else has ever done! 

Also check out this link for some more of an idea of what living here in the winter is like!

There are only three roads in and out of the biggest town I live close to. (One of those is the in and out for where I actually live.) Two of those routes avalanche closed fairly regularly in the winter. This video is from the third route that has also avalanched closed two days in a row now. Mama if you are reading this, I know you especially will appreciate the road conditions! ;)

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