Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Beauty

Now it's fall. After a very dry (and consequently full of wildfires) summer, in the last two weeks, we've received a lot of rain. Mostly in the form of short but violent thunderstorms. With a lot of pretty amazing rainbows sprinkled in between.

And then there's all the elk during the rut.

And fishing in front of the mountains.

Fall flowers.

More elk.

Fall color in the brush around my house.

Another rainbow across the Sleeping Indian.

Spectacular sunrises.

Cutting firewood for my baby stove.

Silhouettes in the morning mist.

All the color we get here.

And a sharp looking fox.

The beautiful mountains near my house.

The oldest moose I've ever seen. She was moving real slow, going grey, and mostly blind in one eye.

More big bulls.

An inversion morning. My house is down under the cloud layer.

Big muly buck.


Bull moose.

Various ducks.

And more mountains and rainbows. Overall, a really pretty fall so far. Snow's in the forecast for the next few days now with some lows in the teens so winter here we come!

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