Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Random Summer Stuff

Just a bunch of random things I did or saw this summer... Like sunrise over the Indian. Or a glass of wine by the campfire.

Super low rainbow over

Sumer sun and night over my little house.

There was a lot of good food cooked and eaten here too.

And moonrises.

And gardening with moose for visitors. 

And summer hangouts with a lot of rainy days too. 

Garden and flowers getting bigger too. 

Beautiful mountains and my full orchard and garden.

Dinners with friends and more rainbows.

Pretty evenings and more friends for dinner and a campfire.

Beautiful food from my garden and more friends over to eat it all. 

A huge tiny house conference with 40,000+ people, and I got to meet the guy who started this whole movement with modern tiny mobil tiny houses.

Huckleberry picking with my friend Beth.

Fellow tiny housers visited.

And the flowers bloomed beautifully around my house. 

I grew some pretty carrots and canned some tasty spaghetti sauce. 

More moose visited and raindrops reflected tiny little scenes. 

The creek below my house bubbled along and the sun rose over the misty trees and mountains. 

I read gardening books. 

And had friends over who brought a Swedish fire log.

And the garden continued to grow. Just some of the scenes from my summer life.