Thursday, November 27, 2014

And now I live in the house I own

This is my first night in my new home!

 I am cozily tucked in the woods, disconnected from the grid and loving having an independent home all of my own. My little generator is merrily running everything until the final pieces of the solar system arrive, hopefully tomorrow. I do have wireless internet thanks to the cell companies, hence my ability to post this. My composting toilet is doing a fabulous job of doing it's thing and being easy to ignore. My home is warm and bright.

It's warm outside tonight as well, still just above freezing and it's getting close to midnight. The snow is compacting but we'll have more soon.  The mountains here are already reporting close to 100 inches this winter. There are boxes everywhere, and cupboards need some serious organizing. The fabric for the curtains is hanging in a few windows, but needs to be sewn into said curtains. Th cushions for the custom built corner couch and the fabric to cover them are in my van. 

There's a mountain lion somewhere nearby unless someone was successful in shooting him today. We'll hope he's not sitting on my porch in the morning. Tomorrow there will be a run back to town to pick up the last few items from my hotel room and the packages I am waiting on. Then just more work on getting settled in here. Maybe baking some cookies and making fish tacos? My house is empty of prepared food, but has a stuffed pantry!

If you are interested, you can follow what I learn and what's going on at my house on it's own blog:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Bought A House!

I'm officially a home owner, albeit of a not very typical home. Follow it's story here if you're interested. I'm moving in in just over a week.