Sunday, July 13, 2014

Little Lake in the Gros Venre's

We hiked to a little lake in the Gros Ventre's and saw our second bear in two weeks. There was a posted warning at the trailhead about an aggressive black bear frequenting the area, but it was dated nearly a month before and we were prepared to encounter bears anyway, so we headed in. This guy was a small cinnamon black bear but he did not seem to have any normal fear of humans. He approached the very noisy and large (15+ people with at least as many horses and a few dogs) that were hanging out at the other end of the lake that had generally upset our peace and quiet with a bunch of yelling kids that were tossing rocks in the lake. Not ideal for fishing, but we were kinda glad they were there after all after watching this bear. He approached to within maybe 30 yard of them before being turned around by them throwing rocks and him and firing guns in his direction. After they all left, we saw him again on our hike out and again he showed no normal fear of humans. I reported this to the rangers after we returned (the other group had reported it as well) and they were headed out there to try to trap him and move him to a more remote area.

There were some nice fish caught though. That night, since we were car camping and weight was not a issue, we had steak, garlic potatoes, and home grown kale for dinner with coconut carmel chocolates for dessert. I like backpacking better, and we eat well then too, but there are just more options when you can carry everything in a car rather than on your back.

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