Monday, July 7, 2014


Seth and I hiked into this pretty lake and stayed for 4 days. He caught a lot of very nice fish, including a record (for him) cutthroat, his first ever lake trout, and first chub.

 The weather was pretty nice, but there were lots of mosquitos. You can see them, and the clothing we were wearing despite the warmth to avoid them, in many of these photos.

 We only saw a handful of other people, but it was pretty remote. We ran into one grizzly and I missed the chance to get a cool shot of him walking up behind Seth while he was fishing because I was busy telling Seth the bear was walking right toward him. Neither of them could see each other, but when the bear saw and heard me, he headed off in the opposite direction. 

There was also a lot of pine pollen blowing around. It's the stuff that looks like smoke in many of the photos, and what turned the waves yellow along the beach. I've never seen that much before. 

It's a pretty spot and we hope to camp there again this summer.

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