Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fishing the Green River & Flaming Gorge

Seth and I got to spend a few days south which was nice. It was sunny (I got really burnt) and warm which is a nice change after 500 inches of snow this winter. And the Flaming Gorge area is beautiful, with lots of gorgeous fish. We spend more than 11 hours on the water every day, hiking out well after it was dark. Some night fishing happened, we played with cat tails, and I got to for the first time ever actually see an osprey dive out of the air and come up with a fish. We saw lots of big raptors. Bald eagles, osprey, kestrel, several kinds of hawks and falcons, and a big horned owl all in one day. On the way home we met up with Larry again and got to float with him in his pontoon.

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