Friday, September 13, 2013

Titcomb Basin Trip

Beth and I spent 5 days in the Winds last week. It rained on us every single day. I think it's being generouse if we said we saw 8 hours of sunlight in those five days. But I probably have photos from every time the sun did come out. Below is what it looked like most of the time it wasn't actually raining.

Island Lake looking into Titcomb Basin. This place in stunning when you are not getting rained on.

A sandy beach on the edge of Island Lake.

Our campsite just below Indian Basin. 

Hiking along Titcomb Lakes.

The glacier feed stream flowing into Titcomb Lakes.

Another sandy beach, inside Titcomb Basin this time.

Arriving at the saddle below Fremont Peak. The third highest mountain in WY.

The storm that prevented us from summiting Fremont Peak. Visibility deteriorated rapidly, it started to rain, the rock became quite slick, and then it started to sleet on us.

Later in the day, once it cleared, the storm had nicely freshened up the late summer dirty looking glaciers.

Ice from the outside of Beth's pack one morning.

Camping just below Lester Pass.

Angel Pass in the background as we hiked through Bald Mt. Basin.

One of the Baldy Lakes we camped beside on our final night.

Relaxing in the hot springs below Granite Falls on our way home felt good.

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