Monday, August 5, 2013

The Winds

Seth, John M. and I spent a week hiking around the northern end of the Wind River Range. We saw some beautiful sites and had fun, but it was also the toughest backpacking trip of my life. That was thanks to me starting the trip injured from a fall I had taken the day before on out Static Peak hike which resulted in me limping for the 60ish miles we covered in the Winds. Seth also has ankle and knee injuries bothering him, and then we got rained and/or hailed on every day, the map didn't line up with the terrain, the fishing was not a good as expected, other campers had really trashed several beautiful spots, we ended up moving every day instead of base camping and resting for a few days as planned, somehow our appetites all grew and food seemed a bit short for the whole trip, and as a last straw, on the way out, a bridge we were expecting did not exist resulting in a much longer hike and wading through a glacial melt river at 10:00 pm. So we did have some fun, saw some gorgeous scenery, a huge glacier, several bighorn sheep, and nearly ran into a huge herd of elk, but this was one trip I was glad to get home from.

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