Monday, August 12, 2013

A Weekend Workout

 No I did not participate in this one as I was helping shoot photos for the 1st Annual Throwdown For a Cause, but this is what about 40 people did with their Saturday morning here in town. The event was attended by member from most Crossfit gyms within a few hours drive. The event was raising money for St. Judes. Several of these little children are super strong. I wish I'd gotten that strong at that age.

 The workout was 17 minutes long. As many reps as possible in one minute each - pullups, box jumps, burpies, wall balls, and thrusters. 1 minute of rest, and then another round of a minute each. 1 more minutes rest, and a final round of each one. There are some super strong folks in this crowd, including an Olympic medalist, but they were are all looking pretty tired by the end.

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