Monday, July 1, 2013

Spring & Early Summer

As you may have noticed, I have not posted anything for a long time. I've had a lot of stuff on my mind, mostly in relation to me and God. As a result, I have not felt like interacting with other people or doing much of anything else. I am thankful for all my friends who have been patient and caring while I have avoided them or been an emotional mess when talking to them. My physical life is good, it's only things in my mind that are a problem, but unfortunately I can't go on with life and leave my mind behind. I am still here however, and here is a few photos from the little bit I did do in the last two months or so.

I wrapped up a almost 5 year career at Red Top and no longer work in youth services. I'm now waiting tables at Nora's, a local restaurant most know for their breakfasts. It is quite a different kind of job, and there are things I will probably always miss about Red Top, but I'm enjoying the change as well. And it's nice to be working less than half the amount of hours per week that I'd been doing, and making more money as well.

I've been doing Crossfit for 5 months now. These are some of the folks I workout with.

I went for a hike and found some wolf tracks about the same size as my hand.

Did a little target practice up in the national forest.

Turned my half of the garage into mostly a second kitchen / pantry. 

Tagged along on some fishing trips. Fish Creek in Wilson and Soda Lake in the Gros Ventres.

Some of the first Arctic Grayling I got to see. I think these guys look like flying fish.

Stopped in for the raptor center's open house.

Saw some wildlife.

Went on a weekend fishing / car camping trip to the Little Grey's River. James and Seth discussing flies.

Jon watching and being bored.

Went backpacking this past weekend. This was the last bit of blue sky for the day as the thunderclouds rolled in and swallowed it up. The rest of the sky looked like below.

Then the rain started and kept up all afternoon, evening, and night, giving the tarp tent we had out for a test run a good workout.

Wildflowers have been beautiful.

Fishing a secret spot in the Togwotee area that happens to have big trout.

Almost stepped on this baby sandhill crane before seeing it while hiking. It's parents were freaking out and I thought we were going to go dive bombed by one of them.

I've spent a lot time cooking for a lot of different people.

Redid some of the landscaping around our house. This project is still on going.

Found these two nicely matched moose paddles while hiking. Unfortunately the tips had already been chewed, but they're still pretty big and nice looking.

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