Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It was fun to catch up with all of my family while on my trip. This was the three oldest of us sisters hanging out one evening. I've never thought we look much alike, but we do enjoy spending time together and that's kind of rare now that we live in PA, WA, and WY.

After looking at me somewhat suspiciously for two days, my little niece Lexi decided I'm ok to hang our with after all.

Hadasha is a great cook and this was the first time I've had a chicken grilled whole. It was delicious! 

 She has 60 something little chicks that are growing fast enough to almost see expanding. As well as a lovely mixed flock of laying hens, from which I was able to bring a few dozen eggs back to Jackson.

We enjoyed watching the little cousins play in Hadasha's cozy living room.

While we were both staying at my parents house, Athalie and Jeremy redid the grout in one of the showers. 

I helped Mama plant some lettuce and potatoes which I enjoyed as I've really missed having a big garden.

Jerusha tilled up the ground between their strawberry rows. It's hard for me to believe that she's big enough to run a tiller!

I spent some time shooting with the Knolls and Micah one evening.

Lexie likes her daddy pretty well.

I spent an evening at Zack's place and got to hang out with Amber as well. The power went out due to a thunderstorm so we went out to get pizza for dinner. When we returned, the power was still out, so the garage door, the entrance to his little apartment, was not working. Amber had to crawl through the window to let us in.

This is the greenhouse I worked in for years, and is another of the (few) things that I miss in PA. I really did enjoy working with plants and flowers and miss my boss, Dot, as well.

 Jeremy made himself a knife in Papa's shop, which I thought was pretty talented.

And he's interested in being a pilot some day, so this was one of his school writing projects.

Jerusha has become a talented artist, with horses being her favorite topic.

It's still hard for me to believe that my little siblings are all so grown up, but I'm really enjoying getting to know them as fellow adults and am very thankful that we are relatively good friends. 

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