Monday, April 29, 2013

Growing Up

Here are some more photos and memories from my childhood. Above is me with my new baby sister Athalie.

This is my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jay's wedding. I'm the little one in the front.

I was still small enough to fit in our doll cradle.

And then there were three girls when Hadasha joined the family.

Grandpa and Grandma McGlothin with their three granddaughters.

When my brother Zach was born, I finally had a little brother.

Grandpa Myer reading to us. I am thankful for all the adults who took time to read to me and help develop my love for reading.

All of the cousins on my mother's side of the family.

The first goat our family acquired.

Playing with the Herr cousins while in IA.

All of the cousins on my father's side of the family.

Beekeeping in my parent's orchard.

The tall swingset my father built for us.

Myer side of the family cousins again.

Learning to milk and care for goat kids.

My cousin Jacob giving all of us girls a ride.

Playing doctor.

Building tepis and caring for my "horse."

Playing dentist.

Catching another swarm of bees to add to our hives.

Grandma Myer and all her grandchildren.

My great-grandpa Myer showing me how to open coconuts while I was in FL.

Learning to bake bread. I think I was 7 or 8 here?

Vermont ski trips. Some of the few friends I had as a child were all these guys.

Showing off our homeschooling knowlege for family and friends. My great-grandpa and great-grandma  Shirk are in the front row.

Playing shepherd.

Playing nurse.

Smoking black licorice pipes.

Pretending to be an Indian.

Rollerskating while reading in my parent's basement. The old freezer in the back was our indoor sand box.

Pulling my dad in our wagon.

Family visit to Niagara Falls.

"War" with our giant rubber band canon.

Selling stuff we grew. Or trying to at least.

My mother's side of the family.

The one winter I remember getting a lot of snow. My dad built this cave in the snowbank on the side of our driveway.

Another Vermont ski trip.

More goats and bottle feeding calves.

Building marshmallow igloos for school.

Helping Zach in the garden.

Hoeing weeds with my cousin Jacob.

Lacking horses, we tried to ride our goats. They were usually uncooperative.

Giant corn maze with my Aunt Daphene.

More school projects.

Two of my little brothers.

Helping Zach read.

Another of the many houses and villages we built.

Sunflower house. We planted giant sunflowers in the shape of walls and all grew a house that summer.

McGlothin side of the family.

Grandma Myer taught me how to knit.

My father and all three brothers.

More science projects.

Aunt Daphene helping us weave baskets. Mine is still in my toy box today and children who I babysit play with it often.

Yet another VT ski trip.

"Uncle" Arthur.

Our stock tank swimming pool.

The house building moved inside in the winter and I'm sure annoyed my mother.

Trying to play checkers against a pro.