Friday, August 17, 2012

Backpacking in the Wind River Range

My friend Seth, his friend John from TN and myself spent six days hiking around the Winds in the last week. Mostly in pursuit of big golden trout.

This was looking toward Angel Pass, a much harder hike than I was hoping it would be, with lots of scrambling over boulders.

The view from near one of our campsites.

I think golden trout may be the most beautiful fish I've ever seen. And they taste good too, though we didn't eat many of the ones that were caught.

While we were camped, a forest fire started up not too far away. Thankfully, it did not get closer to us then this, but had the wind direction changed at all, we could have been in serious trouble. The air was full of smoke much of the time however and we could feel hot waves of air coming from the fire. We even got up in the middle of the night to check it's location and try to avoid burning to death in our sleep.

I've been along on a good many fishing trips now, but have never fished. This little guy is the first fish I ever caught. Thanks to Seth's excellent coaching, I then caught 7 more that day. (And missed a bunch, and lost a bigger one that I had hooked.) Maybe I'll actually learn how to fly fish sometime.

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